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Unreasonable CinemaCast: Episode 209

Posted in Movies, Film, Top 5 Lists, reviews by zackandjake on July 6th, 2016

We debate the merits of Kojack and Jim Rockford along with other relevant topics on Episode 209 of the CinemaCast.  Topics such as: bike riding, hockey, getting punched in the baby maker, Charles Barkley, and the contractual obligation of no longer murdering Harrison Ford. 

We Review: Now you see me 2, The Meddler, and our Top 5 Characters that didn’t return

Next Week: Genius, Finding Dory, Independence Day: Resurgence, Our Kind of Traitor and our Top 5 Patriots                                                 

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News and Trailers: 21:40             

Now You See Me 2 starts: 56:45

The Meddler starts: 1:16:30        

Top 5 list: 1:27:35