Unreasonable CinemaCast 2016 Awards Spectacular!

Posted in Movies, Film, Top 5 Lists, reviews by zackandjake on March 14th, 2017

Zack has a Chai Latte and Jake has a can do attitude so let’s sit down and decide the only awards that really matter in movies: The Unreasonable CinemaCasties (patent pending).  Categories are listed below, we’ll both submit 5 films for nomination and then argue it down to a final 3 with 1 winner, be aware we will spoil literally everything about this movies so be warned!  Enjoy!

9:25 Best Villain of the Year

21:23 Best Hero of the Year

34:36 Most Disappointing film of the year

52:03 Biggest Surprise

1:04:32 Best Moment of the year

1:21:35 Unnecessary remake/sequel of the Year

1:32:26 Favorite movie of the Year: Star Wars        

1:35:30 Best Animated

1:38:43 Worst Trend

1:49:39 Peter Jackson Memorial Award for movie that could use an editor

1:53:17 Best Actor

2:16:47 Best Actress

2:33:49 Best Overall Design

2:46:12 Worst Movie of the Year

2:53:46 Best Cold Open of the Year

2:55:39 Best Movie of the Year 2017