Unreasonable CinemaCast: Episode 227

Posted in Movies, Film, Top 5 Lists, reviews by zackandjake on January 31st, 2017

How far can a podcast go on zero effort?  That’s the question we answer on Episode 227 of the CinemaCast.  Zack laments the nice weather, we discuss starving to death, the sad tale of Patrick Wilson, replacing gas with penguins, opening our own meat fired meat restaurant, Oscar nomination breakdowns and the rich history of Jessie Ventura quotes.

We Review: The founder, xxx 3, top 5 inappropriate use of transportation

Next Week: Gold, Resident Evil, top 5 Most Extreme Movies

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News and Trailers: 26:21

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage starts: 1:14:00

The Founder starts: 1:40:10       

Top 5 List starts: 1:59:40