Unreasonable CinemaCast: Episode 234

Posted in Movies, Film, Top 5 Lists, reviews by zackandjake on May 24th, 2017

We complain about being old on Episode 234 of the CinemaCast, so let’s waste some time!  How to creepily bring people to life with computers, 30th Birthday Parties, Bachelor Parties, why we shouldn’t go to so many parties, and just how much money has society spend on Fast and Furious movies?

We Review: Collasal, Their Finest and our Top 5 Cursed Characters 

Next Week: Free Fire and our Top 5 Gunfights

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News and Trailers: 27:00

The Bittersweet Life starts: 1:15:50

Free Fire starts: 1:21:18       

Top 5 List starts: 1:35:13